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Ships, boats and the Sea, and water, Marine art and history in general has been a life long almost all captivating interest. This interest has taken me into boat building, international dinghy and Offshore yacht racing, and the joys of teaching yacht management and navigation.
Now somewhat retired from these activities, this allows me the time for Painting and model making and the opportunity to express and inspire to others a love of ships and the sea.

In addition to various studies, seascapes etc I have undertaken paintings of clients own boats from photos and drawings either as action studies or as trompe l'oeil half models.

I have been perhaps, more than a little interested in things associated with water for as long as I can remember.

The Basset Lowke models in the windows of the shipping offices in West London; of course I had to be lifted up to see them, also the wonderful models in the Science Museum helped found an understanding of ships and the sea, and the desire to draw them.

Some of my fatherís love of boats rubbed off. The trips down the Thames from Tower Bridge and the Shipping in the great docks before the last War.

Hired Blakeís films of the Norfolk Broads were a family favorite and an excuse for a party with sailing and boating friends.

I built my first boat around age 10 from bamboo canes and covered with roofing felt. It leaked - It sunk!

The next attempt was better, a Kayak made with decorative timber moldings, (plain timber was unobtainable during the War), covered with barrage balloon canvas. It only leaked a bit and my friend and I sailed and paddled Canals and the Thames for several years. We also built an aeroplane, it didnít fly! In my spare time I went sailing.

Holidays on the Norfolk Broads and crewing a 14ft International at Bourne End on the Thames.

My working experience started in ICI Paints Division, Slough, where I learnt about pigments and colour; this backed by a City and Guilds diploma in paint technology, alongside a degree in Chemical Engineering.

I like many others was called up. I to the RAF, having been in the Air Training Corps at school. Great fun and experience. I also learnt navigation.

After the RAF (I had saved a few £s) I bought a 14ft International dinghy built in Malta in 1935 and needed modernising. After a winterís hard work I sold it and bought a Merlin Rocket. This leading to National Competition and meeting new friends with bigger boats and Ocean Racing. Also a series of Cruiser Racing yachts built over the years, sailing out of Portsmouth with the Family, 2 Ĺ hrs hard driving away.

For the past 30 odd years living within 5 minutes of the Sea in South East Ireland, and now with more time to spend on a favorite pastime, The Sea, Boats, and painting pictures.

I paint mostly in oils, occasionally in Acrylics or a combination also line and wash. The subjects as will be seen from the Gallery include Ship and boat models, Sea Scapes, Boat portraits. And I also have commissions to paint from photographs and working drawings, researched historical craft and scenes.
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